Well. no-one knows what the future will bring but we are all trying to plan for it.

One of the words most used at the moment is SUSTAINABILITY but what does it mean? Well, I see it as making things last so that they can be enjoyed well into the future and by successive generations.

For our shop to go on into the future we need to add in some new ideas, and more support.

The truth is that I never really imagined that High Street Quilting would be as successful as it has been or last as long as it has already and so I didn’t really imagine that I’d still be working in the shop every day at my age.

So, you may have seen that, as well as Jayne, working in the shop, we now have Louise too. Louise works, mainly on Fridays but helpfully pops in to support us when we need her.

In our school we have our incredibly talented tutor Eileen Swart who teaches on a regular basis and now I’m thrilled to tell you that we have the delightful Zoe Ballard starting a new series of classes in September. Zoe teaches very popular workshops in and around the Lanchester area and has designed quilt patterns for an American magazine. You may also know her from her excellent Instagram account @zoeinstitches.   Aimed at the beginner level, Zoe will be teaching a “Block of the Month” on the second Tuesday of each month. See below for details.

As you know, High Street Quilting is not a “normal” shop. We don’t pretend that we have the answer to all your questions, we don’t believe that we have every fabric that has ever been designed and we don’t believe that we can all go on forever. We are humans with family issues and pressures and we try, every day to welcome new customers and old friends into our sewing world.

And we really appreciate the help and support we get from tutors and customers alike.

Going into the future, we will need even more help and support. If you, or someone you know, has ideas about how they could help us, improve our shop or even take over from me, please share your thoughts. There are lots of directions in which our shop could develop but alas – I’m probably too old now to successfully take them on. But perhaps you could. Give me a call. It’s always good to talk.

I hope this email doesn’t concern you. Our shop is super and financially fine. It isn’t going anywhere, but I think it’s important to be open to new ideas and to be realistic and optimistic.


Introducing – Zoe Ballard

Block of the Month ” All the Gear, No Idea”


In these beginner-friendly classes, you’ll explore the world of quilting while creating a beautiful sampler quilt. Each block will introduce you to different quilting techniques and designs, allowing you to build your skills and create a unique masterpiece.

Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced quilter sign up now.. and don’t miss the opportunity to learn, create and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Reserve your spot today by booking in on Zoe’s website via this link….


The classes will be small, ensuring personalised attention in a friendly, supportive environment.

Tuesday mornings (2nd of each month).

Morris Meadow Star Quilt Workshop

You will have seen this amazing range of fabrics in our shop and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be itching to use them in a beautiful quilt.

Sumptuous colours and designs that work so cleverly together, creating a classically “Morris” effect.

I’ve put together a straightforward star block pattern, which I will teach in this workshop.

You’ll need to have some basic skills of measuring and cutting fabric and sewing accurate 1/4″ seams.

Saturday 23rd September 2023

10am – 3pm


Tutor – Hilary

Kit, including fabric to make the top of the quilt and printed pattern £60

Deb Cooper

Manipulated & Knotted


We are super excited that Deb Cooper has agreed to lead a workshop at High Street Quilting

Deb is a mixed-media and textile artist from the North East.She is drawn to natural forms and the beautiful way that nature and time age things. To explore her work more  click here.

This workshop will be suitable for anyone with an interest in embroidery or textile art.

No previous experience is necessary.

Saturday 30th September 2023



Bring a packed lunch.

Plentiful tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Phone us (0191 4100868) or pop in to book a place


Fussy Cutting Workshop

“Ice-Cream Soda”

Back, by popular demand, Jen will work with you to explore the incredible designs that you can create using the technique of “Fussy Cutting”.

Wednesday 4th October 2023

1pm – 4pm



Stumpwork – An Introduction

Saturday 28th October

10am – 3.30pm


Kay Allan

At last, we’ve managed to squeeze in a much requested workshop with Kay Allan.

In this full day workshop Kay will introduce you to the techniques of stump work and you will make a small piece of work, featuring a butterfly and bee.

This is a workshop aimed at experienced embroiderers.


Apple Pincushion

Jayne used our fabulous Morris Meadow fabrics to make this lovely pincushion.

Join her on

Wednesday 15th November

1pm – 4pm

to make one of your very own.

£30 (price includes fabric/felt and stuffing).


Small Zipped Pouches


Work with Jenthepiecemaker to produce at least one lovely pouch. Jen will share her tried and tested techniques that make her purses so neat.

Saturday 25th November 2023



Bring a packed lunch and have a great day.


In my other life…

I am passionate about wildlife and its preservation.

Therefore sustainability and future proofing are a big part of my life.

Each year, in our garden we leave a wide swathe of grass uncut until late autumn, providing nectar and shelter for small insects which, in turn provide food for the birds. We have two water butts, to provide cheap and readily available water during dry spells and clean untreated water for the birds and hedgehogs. We also have a wormery that eats up our kitchen waste and provides the most excellent fertiliser for our plants.

We have been rewarded with two varieties of wild orchids, but even greater satisfaction comes from knowing that we are preserving the wildlife in our shared habitat and hoping that it will be here for future generations to enjoy.

Can you see the link with High Street Quilting?

I’d love to think that High Street Quilting will be around for a long time.

Maybe, even longer than me.

with love,

Hilary x



If you’d like to enquire about one of our workshops or classes or if you just want more information about our shop, please contact us.