It’s been “all systems go” for a while here at High Street Quilting.
And I’m doing my best to keep my head above water.
Among the mayhem, I’ve recruited the services of Urban River, a design company based in South Shields and together with Keith, from Kgphotography, we’re putting together a clean, fresh website that should better portray our beautiful, colourful shop and workshop.

We’ll have an online booking service that will allow you to see our courses and book in immediately, making payment and booking clearer and more efficient. With increasing demand, you’ll need to be quick though. Either that, or I’ll have to clone our tutors and build an extension!

Tulip needles, pins and pincushions

Adding to our extensive ranges of quality haberdashery we try to bring you the latest and the best of what is on offer. The basics of all sewing – needles, threads and fabrics of course.

You may have seen, featured in most of the sewing magazines, adverts for Tulip needles. Well, we’ve tested them out and we love them! And so we have stocked up.
You’ll love the quality of the needles, strong, sharp and easier to thread.
And they come in touch beautiful packaging that they’d be a perfect gift for any keen stitcher.
And.. there are beautiful pins and pincushions too.

Quiltmania Magazines

We import these inspirational magazines from Quiltmania in France. Full to bursting with beautiful photographs of amazing quilts and patterns for you to try yourself.
Order one, two or all three and have something to really look forward too. We’ll let you know, by email, when they arrive. Another excuse to pop in (if you need one).
Quiltmania is issued in 6 editions each year.
Simply Moderne and Simply Vintage have 4 editions each year.

Fabulous Fabric Ranges

Committed to bringing you the newest and freshest fabrics, we’ve ordered the entire range of “Holiday” by Alison Glass.
It reflects my own desire to “freshen-up” Christmas and try something new.
I’m assured that there will be only 2 stockists in the UK… and High Street Quilting is one of them !
We’ll be taking pre-orders on this one, as we know it’s going to cause quite a stir.

And thread….

We are delighted to stock both Mettler and Aurifil threads.
We love them both and we are committed to increasing the range of weights and colourways in cotton and silk threads so that you have exactly what you desire to piece and quilt your incredible creations.
I’m hoping to add the slightly thicker 28wt Aurifil to our collection. It will be perfect for quilting and topstitching.
I just have to select the colours. No simple task!

Thriving classes and groups

It’s now a whole year since we moved into our lovely, new shop.
Every day we meet new customers wanting to learn about patchwork and quilting.
We’ve inspired them and now we have to try to accommodate them.
Our monthly group, weekly classes and sit and sew groups are full to bursting, with the upstairs room being regularly used as “overflow” space.
Please understand that we appreciate you and your custom, not forgetting your enthusiasm and creativity. Your input is vital and valued.
It is more important than ever, that you book in to reserve your place in all of the sessions that we offer. We have an embarrassingly long waiting list for places.
We ask that you pay the full fee for classes and workshops within the time stated and would ask that you please note that these fees are unrefundable.
We will, of course, refund you completely, if for any reason, we cancel the session.

And so….
Onwards and upwards…

It’s spring, at last. Leaves are unfurling, blossom is appearing and there are signs of new life all around us.
We’ve been through a long and difficult winter and we’re looking forward to some sunshine and useful daylight hours. Jayne and I have committed ourselves to a sensible work/life balance this year. We’re hoping to undertake some “professional development” ourselves and we are booking in to some courses to enhance and develop our own skills.
We have decided that this year we will close the shop for the four days of the
We’re giving ourselves a break. I hope that you can too.

Happy Easter,
with love,
Hilary x

If you’d like to enquire about one of our workshops or classes or if you just want more information about our shop, please contact us.