And what do we know about “the survival of the fittest”?  Well, we know that it helps if you were healthy to start with. We know that it helps to have friends with skills and talents that we can rely on to help us. And we know that those who adapt and change their behaviour to circumvent the problems have the best chance of all.

Here at High Street Quilting we’ve ticked all the boxes.

– When the pandemic struck High Street Quilting was certainly alive and kicking.

We had full-to-bursting workshops, an amazing stock of fabrics and we were running so fast that I could just about keep up.

– We have amazing customers and friends who have grasped the nettle and used their skills to design projects and calculate what they need from us. They have picked up pen, paper and calculators and set about the task of working out a plan. We applaud them and thank them.

– And we have adapted. Rob and I have worked hard to add all of our latest fabrics (yes they keep on coming) to the website. At our stage in life this has been quite a task, but we’ve done it and we will keep on adapting and improving this over time.


But, High Street Quilting is, and will remain, a “proper” shop. It is not my intention to sell online, as such. As fabricholics , we love/need to see and touch the fabrics, to see them in daylight and to put them alongside others to see how they work together. So we will continue to operate the “phone and collect system” for those who, for any reason, prefer not to make an appointment, and we will continue with the successful appointment system that has worked well for the past month.

And we are a community – an unusual one to say the least, but we value the the local shops and the small businesses that serve us.

I look forward to seeing you again soon, even if it is over the top of a face mask!


They really do keep on coming….

We have bolts of “True Colours” by Tula Pink….

don’t hesitate, they are selling like the proverbial hot cakes!


These incredible ombre fabrics “Inferno” by Giucy Guice…..

Check out the incredible pattern, made using theses fabrics, on for inspiration – if you need it

Inferno by Giucy Giuce







“Fine and Sunny” by Jen Kingwell.

Eight prints across the width of each fabric allow you the opportunity to make a coordinated design with 32 pretty prints.

A picture of Moda fabrics Fine and Sunny range

Moda Fabrics

And for those of you who are looking to work with a subtle range of colours, we have fabrics from Lynette Anderson’s latest range “Ship to Shore”. Layer cakes (packs of 40, 10″ squares) are available

Ship To Shore by Lynette Anderson

Not forgetting CHRISTMAS…….

There are so many more besides…


Liberty –  “Summer Flower Show”

Moda –  “Country Christmas”

Moda –  “Geometry” by Janet Clare 4 fabrics and Layer Cakes.

Lecien – “Memoire a Paris”. 5 beautifully, delicate prints and charm packs (5″ squares) available.

Not to mention 3 amazing prints “Far out Florals” from Lewis and Irene.

Although I have said that fabrics have continued to arrive, there are, unsurprisingly, hiccups in the supply chain. Some of the fabrics we have ordered may not arrive and some of our basic supplies are taking much longer than usual to arrive. Please be patient. I have been impressed by the kindness, resourcefulness and generosity of my suppliers. Everyone is learning and adapting, and we’re all working together to bring you the very best materials and tools, in these challenging circumstances.

Keeping ahead of the game has been challenging to say the least, but it has given us all some time to reflect on what is important to us as well as time to work out some ways that we would like to come out of this pandemic into a better normality.

I have been reminded that I have other interests and hobbies that I enjoy. My garden is a joy. It’s not perfect but it is interesting and I love nothing more than to pick gooseberries and prune my small apple trees. I have also made a couple of knitted scarves ready for the onset of cooler weather.

I have decided that I will have a holiday, each year – and so please note that High Street Quilting will be closed for the 1st week in August,

Saturday 1st August – Sunday 9th August inclusive.

As you can imagine, I won’t be going anywhere exotic, but I’m starting a new regime of looking after myself.

I’m sure you’ll understand.

Please take a note and be sure to pass on this info to all your quilting friends.



Our classroom remains closed.


It will be there when the danger is over.

Please don’t think, for one minute that I wouldn’t like to open it up tomorrow, but it really isn’t appropriate or safe to sit together for periods and with all the laughing and hot air that we generate, I would not wish to endanger anyone.


In the meantime, please think about using this wonderful resource (the internet) to find patterns and designs to inspire you. YouTube is an incredible resource to learn skills and most of our fabric suppliers have free downloads that you can download and print off if required.

Links to a few sites that I’ve found useful – just click on the links below.

Joann – the American quilting superstore projects for quilters

Robert Kaufman free patterns

And you may like to check out some reasonably priced downloadable patterns from too.


Don’t forget – the pattern will indicate specific fabrics BUT they were probably designed to sell a particular range of fabric. YOU CAN choose your own colour-way and make it UNIQUE.

Find a pattern or design your own and book in to

High Street Quilting, telephone us Mon-Fri 9am – 2pm (0191 4100868) or email via the contact form on our website to make a 30 minute appointment



And.. don’t forget to wear a mask.

If anyone should have a mask…. YOU SHOULD.

With love and very best wishes,

Hilary x


If you’d like to enquire about one of our workshops or classes or if you just want more information about our shop, please contact us.