We are all set for a new start – so get ready!


High Street Quilting will be opening its doors on Tuesday 13th April.
We’ll have an appointment system again, although we will be allowing you to visit with a friend or two,
this time.
Our opening times will be;

Tuesday 9.30am – 3.30pm
Wednesday 9.30am – 3.30pm
Thursday 9.30am – 3.30pm
Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm
Saturday 9.30am – 12.30pm

So, whether you’re planning to come along on your own or in a small group,
call us to book a date and time.
It will be wonderful to see you again.
0191 4100868
Please wear a mask

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One pattern – two quilts

Using two of our latest fabric ranges,


by Tilda and


by Zen Chic,

Jayne and I have made the same quilt. 
You’ll be able to see both ranges when you visit.
Phone us to make an appointment.

Arriving, just in time …….
From Lewis and Irene

“Fairy Clocks”
Dandelion clocks nodding their heads in the breeze. Tiny wings flutter and sparkle in the sun. How many puffs to tell the time?

A fabric collection with gold and silver metallic elements with a beautiful double edge border print.
Check out the free pattern

that Lewis and Irene have created to accompany this beautiful range.

We have the full range of 15 fabrics and one double-edged border.
We’ll be adding these fabrics to our website ASAP so check out a suitable pattern and using the codes for each fabric prepare a shopping list, then make an appointment to pop in to shop.

Jayne and I will be on hand to help you as much as we can.

I hope you like my new display of our regular stock of

 “Creative Grids”rulers
We have lots more besides.
Please get in touch if there’s anything special that you’re hoping to buy
so that I can make sure we have it in stock for you when we eventually open.
(I have worn out my cutting board at home and will definitely need a new one
and some new blades soon).

When we finally emerge from our enforced hibernation, will you be a beautiful butterfly, unfurling gossamer wings from a crumpled cocoon or will you be a sleepy, prickly hedgehog, blinking in the sunlight and staggering, battered and bruised into the light?

I can only say that I will not be that beautiful butterfly.

This past year has been a trial and this winter has been the longest, darkest and most tedious of all. I have been challenged in ways that I could never have imagined. I have worked 6 days most weeks, trying to pick up every phone call and respond to every enquiry.

We have sold fabric and books via eBay, I have provided info via the website and I have posted out parcels to the Highlands of Scotland and Guernsey.

I chose not to go down the path of online selling per se since that is not what High Street Quilting is all about.

Customers tell me that it is the look and the quality of the fabrics that they enjoy and value and I would like to stay true to that business model.

I have tried, to read minds, to remember works in progress and I have sent thousands of photographs of fabric to customers to help them to select fabrics for their various projects.

In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined how testing this year would be.


I am so grateful for the business grants distributed by Gateshead Council and for the furlough scheme that has helped enormously.

We have not sunk – we are afloat.

And thank goodness for the support of so many of our customers who have kept in touch and who have given us what custom they could. I am so grateful for all the words of encouragement you have given. They have been invaluable.

Thank you.


Groups and classes

It is understandable that our motivation to sew has waxed and waned over time. It is a rare person who does not need the help, encouragement and support of others. Most of us need each other – and we know that now even more than we ever did.

However – this virus is not yet over.

Most of us will have had at least one vaccination but we know that we will not be safe until everyone is safe. There is no news with respect to indoor gatherings for teaching purposes and so – for the time being- there will be no classes or groups.

When we do get the “go-ahead” I will send out a newsletter with details.

And all this time, I have hoped that you have been able to maintain communication with your friends and fellow quilters. Where would we have been without the internet?

Lots of you will have followed online tutorials and classes and discovered lots of new ideas and techniques.  Let’s hope that we get an opportunity to share those ideas soon.

Until then, let’s try to start rebuilding those connections. share your work and ideas on Facebook or Instagram with High Street Quilting. Contact the members of your sewing groups and form a small network. Perhaps you could make an appointment and arrange to meet up at the shop.

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Description automatically generatedNow let’s get this show on the road…..


0191 4100868

make an appointment

and we can start to rebuild our new kind of “normal”.

I can’t wait.

Love and best wishes,

Hilary x


If you’d like to enquire about one of our workshops or classes or if you just want more information about our shop, please contact us.