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Wool Pressing Mats

These unique pressing mats are 1/2 inch thick made from a firm pressed wool with 10 percent polyester for added rigidity.
Wool has many properties that make it perfect for pressing, it does not melt or burn and it absorbs moisture.
The mats hold in heat for even pressing on any fabric type. The wool mat also compresses slightly as you press, so your seam sinks into the mat giving a perfectly flat seam. The heat is absorbed by the wool and your fabric is pressed from both sides. The surface of the wool holds your fabric in place so there is no slipping. You can also pin directly into the mat for blocking. The mat absorbs the heat from the iron and the mat is perfectly cool on the underside with just a bit of moisture from the steam.

Rotary cutting mats from Creative Grids are stocked in A1, A2 and A3 sizes. We like these mats as they are excellent quality and are marked in inches on one side and cm on the other side.


Rulers – we stock mainly “Creative Grids” rulers. We find them practical and versatile. They are designed and made in the UK and have a unique non-slip grip which only grips when pressure is applied. They are stocked in various sizes.


Rotary Cutters A good quality rotary cutter is an essential tool. We stock 28, 45 and 60mm cutters, also replacement blades.



If you thought “thread is thread” – let us help you.

Our specialist cotton threads from Mettler and Aurifil are high quality, lint free threads made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton.

Available from the finest thread weight of 60wt right up to the thickest, most decorative 12wt, we supply a range of colours that is second to none.

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We have new in stock French hand sewing needles from Bohin. Suitable for various hand sewing applications.

Bohin Pencils

We recently started to stock some lovely chalk pencils from France – Bohin pencils. They are ideal for marking your fabric and come with different colours on each end, ideal for both dark and light fabrics. The markings erase after washing.

Karen Kay Buckley

Karen is a renowned American quilter who has produced a range of accessories for us quilters, we think they’re great and are pleased to stock them at High Street Quilting.

Perfect Scissors

Karen says: “I have been using nothing but serrated edge scissors to cut my fabric for the past 25 years.  I love the way the serrated blade cuts into my fabric.  This special blade pulls the fabric into the scissors rather than pushing it away like traditional scissors.  Things you will like about these scissors…cushioned handle, easy for right or left hander to use, blades sharp to the very tip, serrated blade keeps fabric from fraying, light weight and comfortable”.

Perfect Circles

This package contains 15 different circle sizes, 4 of each size, ranging from 7/16″ to 2″ for a total of 60 circles.  The Perfect Circles® are made from heat resistant plastic so you can use them with an iron. Following the directions included in this package you can make perfect circles for your hand and machine applique. For more information you can view a video on Karen’s website.

Bigger Perfect Circles

There are ten different sizes ranging from 2-1/4” to 4-1/2” and they are made from heat resistant plastic so you can use them with an iron. These bigger sizes are great for the center of a Mariner’s Compass block, Drunkard’s Patch blocks, traditional appliqué and so much more. For more information you can view a video on Karen’s website.

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